Friday, November 30, 2007

Registering for Baby stuff, what a trip!!! Home Page

Pottery Barn Kids

  If anyone has ever attempted to register for BABY ITEMS, I  applaud you! =) I have worked with babies, helped out a few moms a many times, and even took care of a sweet baby for months in my home. Well my experience goes beyond that but I will not list it all. So, I am no stranger to the items that are involved in taking care of a precious one. However, shopping for your own  adds another  element to the process of "having baby." I am so grateful that one of my sweet friends was with me to help me through part of the process. Yeah, (we) are not done! There is still much to do to add to the list. I am disappointed that most of the car seats, pack and plays, or other big ticket items are a little on the frilly side. I am having a boy and the choices are limited on patterns. So sad =(...boys get the wrong end of the deal. Yes, of course safety is first and after you established that fact and look around, it is still a limited selection. Anyway, I am so grateful to my friend who was with me and she is very knowledgeable! Now, we just have to decide on a stroller, car seat, etc.......*sigh* =)    

.........So here is to you folks of babies who have learned through trial and error. I applaud you everyday!!!   


 ....and thank you Babies R Us, Target, and Pottery Barn Kids!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What I am Grateful for: It's a BOY!!!!!

Yep, I am pregnant and we are having a BOY!!! So excited! We have waited for this time in our life for over 7 years. Amazing! I am so grateful for so many things:healthy pregnancy, God gave us a son, my mom, my husband, my brother and his boys =), my church family, our home, our neighbors, and blog buddies. God has been so good to us this year and this is my favorite Holiday,Thanksgiving!!! I am so sorry my picture is not uploading but I will show y'all one soon =)! Thanks for the prayers!