Friday, December 23, 2011

So I Realize....

Picture on our Christmas card!

I haven't blogged in a REALLY LONG time! Have you missed me?(insert cheesy grin). I have missed you!

First, let me explain all the turn of events that have occurred and why I have stepped away from blog world. Yes, that includes reading them too! Even my favorites have suffered from my lack of attention. Ha! Our house in Houston has been under contract and we have been dealing with the selling of our home there. If you don't know what I'm talking about let me just say, it is a lot of negotiation! I mean a lot!

Second, my father was diagnosis with kidney cancer. My brother and I have been in the throws of decisions and choices. One doctor says one thing and another says something different. Either way we are looking at what would be quality of LIFE at this point. We are trying to get him moved here to be with me. If you will pray for wisdom and clarity on this matter.

Thirdly, we have travelled to the grandparent's house for Thanksgiving. Yes, that is how long it has been since I have blogged. We had a wonderful time celebrating each other and learning about daddy's town where he grew up!

Then we had 2 events at our son's school. One was a Thanksgiving Feast and the other was a Christmas Show. Both were so close together. The first was celebrated the week before Thanksgiving break and the other the second week in December. We enjoyed it!

Next, we were invited to see Santa in a very personal way. One of the moms' hired a Santa to come to her home, read stories and take pictures with him. Only 6 children and their families came to the event. This was very special!

Lastly, I had a major event at church where I volunteered to be a participant. They have what is called "Christmas Dinner & A Show." You buy a table, decorate it and choose to be the main hostess of that table. You answer any questions concerning about Jesus Christ and his gift of salvation. My new found buddy and I decided to invite women we run into almost on a daily basis. For example grocery store, bank, shopping at favorite stores and wherever else. She and I purchased the tickets together, prayed over them and the people who would come and then we began our planning of the table. Which I love to do! I will tell you that 21 women came to Christ that night and 20 others wanted to learn more about him through bible study. Praise God for a wonderful night! The church was decorated with Christmas Trees throughout the building but the most important was the message being delivered. After all HE gave us the best gift.

and somewhere in all of this we had to get Christmas cards out with our pictures on it! ha!

Here are a few pictures of the past events. I do not have my pictures of The Christmas Dinner and A Show Event downloaded yet but I will get to it, eventually ;0)!

Thanksgiving feast at school!

Thanksgiving feast.

Mother in law;s beautiful table setting for Thanksgiving!

Playing trains at grandma and grandpa's house

Scooter time!

Private Santa Party!

Christmas Show!

I HOPE & PRAY that you will have a wonderful time with your families for Christmas!