Thursday, November 10, 2011

This is what happens

when you blog straight for 31 take a break! haha!

Actually, we had family in town and then I had a girl's weekend get away! I have been out of pocket for 10 days. Here is a little catch up! Paw & Memaw(hub's folks) came to visit over the Halloween weekend. We did our usual Trunk or Treat at a local church. It was very different from what we are use to back in Houston. It was still good but no one does it like Champions!

So, little man changed his mind 20 times for Halloween costume choices. He has said tinkerbell because she is really pretty to a monster truck since they get to race. The kid loves it all. I think go by the rule of "what ya said first" works for me! Hahaha!!!!! Unfortunately for him I went with the first decision he made waaaaaayyyyyyyy back in August. He really wanted to be a fireman! I either put them together(I don't sew yet), buy them super cheap or borrow a costume. So, I was able to get his whole costume for under $20! That included the hat. I am really grateful that I chose to not spend so much or find cheaper ways since my child only had it on for a few hours! Hubs and I in the past have dressed up right along with him. This year we didn't. I am not exactly sure why. Maybe I ran out of time! We still had a great time!

An interesting thing happen at trunk or treat. It was kinda scary. My mother-in-law was walking to get to the side walk when a car was backing up. I guess the woman wasn't paying attention and she came within one inch of running over my mil. My father-in-law step between her and the car to keep the car from hitting her. We were in complete shock! The lady in the car was in shock to the point where she couldn't speak. Her husband ran from the other side of the parking lot to check on us. He was in panic mode. Now, my mil has really bad knees to the point where she uses a cane so her chances of quickly stepping out of the way were very slim. This is why my fil had to yell and step in front of her and the car. My husband was with our son so he didn't see it until I yelled out to his parents. It was dark but most people turn their heads to look behind them. It couldn't have been a worst situation. Thankfully everyone is okay.

After all the trunk treats we headed over to my mom's neck of the woods. It has been such a blessing to live so close to my mom. I know most girls do not have that. I am blessed to have a great relationship with her and live close by.

We really enjoyed our first Halloween in Austin. Pretty cool town with lots to do! Of course we had to end the evening with one piece of candy with bear and blanket in tow. "Mrs. TD, you can see he still loves on those wonderful blankets you made."