Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Stuff

I get asked all the time "when are you going to have another baby?" I wish it were as simple as "tomorrow." Unfortunately, it took us 7 years to even get pregnant. Yep, I have not shared much with people concerning my health issues. It is just something you don't bring up at dinner. Pass the mash potatoes please and oh by the way I am having trouble......(you fill in the blank). The question to me is "does God want us to have another baby?" I don't have any answers myself. I wish I could answer with confidence whatever question comes my way concerning another child. I honestly, don't mind sharing my story or experience. Most of us who have struggled are pretty opened about the matter. I should say "after the fact" for most. It is during the difficult time that you struggle for just a voice to help you express your fears, hopes, dreams, reality, and the truth. 


On to the next: Did I tell you I am running a 5k this weekend? Yep, I got my shirts in and can't decide which one to wear. What do you think? First, "who moved the finish line?" Second, " i'm running my mass off!" I have been *snicker* training for a couple of months now. Seriously, I am not hardcore like some people I know. I have signed up for walks in different areas. I did a 10k walk a couple years back. I enjoyed it so much. It was right when the bluebonnets bloomed near Fredricksburg. Such a  pretty place to sponsor a walk/run. I must be crazy b/c this time I am running it. I know y'all are saying it is only 3 a little something over that MILES!!! Let me emphasize something...I am a jogger. Do you know the difference between a runner and a jogger? One is slow. Yep, I am slow! I am excited about it! 


Here are some more random thoughts! aren't you glad you stopped by????


1. why is it that I feel we have entered the 2's and we are only almost 15 month old?


2. does it seem crowded everywhere you go or is it just me?


3. everyday I am amazed at how much my little boy knows. he is learning new words all the time. 

"athe ime" =bath time

"utterfly" = butterfly

  "pay swing" = play on swing

   " I go daddy" = I go with daddy

   " ank u" = thank you

      "ite" = bite

 "eeeeeessee" = cheese


4. I think boys are born to build, destroy, and conquer. If my furniture could speak, the stories they could share! 


5. Why is it when I go to a friend's house who has many children, they make it look so easy? Often hubby and I say "yes, we want more children." we take home our one that feels like many and say " thank you God for our one." 


6.  twitter, what is that? seriously, do we need to know what people are doing 24/7! 


7. cable: I should sell it so I could honestly make better packages of things that I want. All, I want to add is fox business and sprout! So, why do I have to add 45 plus just to get those 2? 


8. I love it when company comes but the whole getting ready for it, drains me!


9. Speaking of slow! You know I am still getting lab bills from when my son was born. Are insurance companies that slow? 


10. Did I mention that I am keeping a baby? That sounds weird. I mean I am babysitting my neighbors little girl. I am helping them out for a short while. My son thinks I have magically brought him home a sister. Anyway, they are 10 mths. apart. EEEK!! I have the most profound respect for my friends who have had their babies that close together! My hat is off to you! 


11. I started another blog. No not b/c this one is so brilliant or anything. My leader at my meetings talked to me about starting one for the group. I am not sure I went with the right blog and I am having my doubts as a leader or should I say in charge of running the blog. Yeah, keeping up with the blog is more like it. 


12. Speaking of really blows my mind that people get paid to blog. They must be really really entertaining! 


13. The other day in my neighborhood 8 ladies came to knock door to door. They wore hats, pantyhose, dresses with jewelry, and make up! They appeared to over 60 or so. Two of them knocked on my door to ask me about coming to THE CHURCH. hummm..I thought! Anyway, I took their brochure and said "thank you." I thought it was the mormon religion knocking on my door. I thought oh the 2 young boys in their suites on bicycles have been replaced. I was was Jehovah Witness. So now, I get to welcome old ladies in hats and young boys on bikes. What happened to the in between age? I know they are raising kids and working...=0)


14. Do you feel like when summer comes your yard work triples? I know mine has! 


15. How can one baby possibly cut 3-5 teeth at a time. No wonder he is so fussy!!! Ouch!! 




Monday, June 15, 2009


You know I like cleaning out things and making it more organized. I like to see the end results of my hard work. However, this time it was hard. I packed up my baby's clothing ranging from 6-12 months. I cried. I know it is "just" stuff but for me it is so much more. I have so many wonderful memories of him in certain outfits. I know it sounds crazy. I thought it would be easier this time. I was wrong! I took one more look at that beautiful multi-colored sweater that he wore when he said "momma" for the first time. I know the date, time, place, and what we both were wearing. I gently folded and packed it away. I looked at the many different sizes of shoes that he wore. I shook my head in disbelief ''did he really grow that fast?" I gathered all his firsts, his first thanksgiving outfit, his Christmas p.j.'s, his Valentine shirt, and the list goes on. I am so grateful that I have so many pictures of all these events and milestones in his life. Even if I didn't, no camera can capture or compare to the memory a momma has stored in her heart. I often think of Mary in the bible during times like these. I wonder what moments  she captured in her heart  about her son's life. I know of the account in Luke 2:9 "But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart." 


Here is to many more memories and packing stuff away...." I love you son!"