Saturday, April 13, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

I can not believe my baby is 5! His actual birthday is April 1st, no joke! Hubby decided to take a day of vacation on little man's birthday so we as a family could celebrate together. Since little man's big birthday wish was to go to the Lego Store that is exactly what we did. First, we had breakfast at his favorite place The Egg and I. He ordered a turkey sandwich with lots of tomatoes. We really enjoyed each other and took our time. Ahhh....hubby and I had more than just one cup of coffee. Now, that is a good time! Once we finished our lovely birthday breakfast it was off to the best place in my son's opinion, The LEGO Store! Oh boy, what an experience. Little man immediately found the "expert" to ask him where the Star Wars section of the store was located. Hysterical! I believe we were there for an hour. Just staring, wishing, hoping and dreaming of all the wonderful "stuff" we could create. It was by far one of my most favorite days! Oh, the memories I tucked away in my heart that day. No photograph could capture what my heart was feeling in that moment. However, here are a few pictures of my little man at his favorite store. Enjoy! 

love him running to the store

oh what to pick 


Look at the star fighter or ummm x-wing(I am learning)

so happy!