Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Through the years

Well, babe I know you don't like me to post pics of us on here but today I thought you wouldn't mind. 

Happy Anniversary! 9 years and still counting!!!

It is hard to believe it has been 9 years. It seems as if 9 years is nothing but considering all that we have been through, you would think it would be much longer than that. 

Just in our first 2 years of marriage we've experienced 3 moves, a church split, severe health issues that almost put me in the hospital, me not be able to work due to health issues, a job loss,  doctor giving me the okay to work part time on the day hubby lost his job, doctors telling us we would never have a baby, a new church home, new careers, and yet another move. WHEW, I am tired! 

The next few years we lost loved ones, watched divorce happen and marriages begin. We had many many doctor visits about having a family. Traveled alone. Traveled with friends. Bought a house. Made it a home. Watched babies being born. Seen the death of three babies. Attended the funeral of one. Cried with friends. Laughed with them too. Said goodbye to friends. Prayed over our nephew who was born at 24 weeks. Prayed over our friends baby who was born at 23 weeks. Mourned with our friends who had miscarriages. Babysat many many kids. Said goodbye to a career. Heart attacks of loved ones. Camping. More traveling. Rejoicing of our own pregnancy. Rejoicing of our friend's pregnancy. Grateful for a healthy baby boy. Grateful for the phone call from a friend's long awaited adopted of their baby daughter. Prayer groups. Play dates. The screams and laughters of a toddler. Family trips. 

That is just to name a few. Good times and bad. I am so grateful to have walked along your side during those precious times. 

Love you....








Saturday, May 16, 2009


A few weeks ago we visited the ZOO! We saw giraffes,


a sleepy bear,


a seal,



and a lion named Jonathan! 



It was a good day at the ZOO!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am all for...

*warning sensitive subject matter*

saving money, being environmentally friendly, and heck just the over all feeling of "I am doing something good." However, I came across a post that well how do I put it, made my jaw dropped. I must be naive or oblivious. I had no idea that such a concept existed. I thought people talked about everything. Have you ever heard of a Moon Cup or Glad Rags or New Moon Pads? Well, you have heard of cloth diapers for babies right? It is kinda of like that except for grown women who have a friend that visits once a month. *Wink, wink*  Get the idea! I know some of you are completely grossed out. I am so sorry. Please tell me I am not the only one who HAS NOT heard of this before. Trust me I am not knocking it. Now, if you are one that uses such an item, good for you and please give this naive chick a call. I have a few questions for you! Especially if you use the Moon Cup. I don't know folks, I guess anything is possible.

Why am I always in the dark about such matters???? I am not posting links can google it!!!

* I hope I have not offended anyone...I am sorry if I have*

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I think he likes it!!!

Do you remember those old commercials "mikey likes it?" I think it was about the LIFE cereal. I am not sure. Anyway, I tried a new receipe called Taco Lasagna. I even saw a dinner kit  by Oretega for Taco Lasagna in the store the other day. Anyway, my son went nuts. It is basically a layered soft taco that you bake in a 9 inch pan. You obviously leave off the lettuce till the end if you even want it on there. You serve with a lil salsa and there ya go! Worth a repeat!    dsc_7442

dsc_7443                                                                                                         dsc_74481                                                                                                        dsc_7446