Friday, February 1, 2013


It has been a long time. I am sorry for that. LIFE.HAS.BEEN.BUSY. A good busy though. Holidays were great! I hope and pray yours were too. Then we jumped into January with both feet. There is not enough time to catch you up on all of it. We are still home schooling and it is going very well. Phonics has been the main focus this month. We have added (more)science, art(Monet, Van Gogh etc.) and crafts to our weekly routine. We meet with another family that we met through soccer once a week. It has been such a blessing to have a friend locally to be able to lean on for support for home schooling. It is always a bonus when the kids like each other and play well together! Don't ya agree? It is always a blessing to find that one person you can count on whether your kids are in public school, private school or are home schooled.

My son has grown in leaps and bounds. It is hard to believe we will be celebrating his 5th birthday very soon. He is still very curious and creative. His latest creation with food involves toast, cream cheese and mandarin oranges. He "claims" he is making a marmalade sauce. His other love is Lego's. Seems to be his favorite past time with his daddy. Oh yes! He is daddy's boy. Makes my heart sing!

That is all for now. I am praying for each one of you whether I know you by name or not!