Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Redeemed & How to "Save" on Fall Clothes

You ask how can you save on buying fall clothes for you kids? Well, buy them a costume & they will wear it for 2 months! No need to buy the latest & greatest when you have Costume Shops galore! I am not kiddin' folks! 

I hope you have a safe & Happy Halloween Redeemed! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Momma's Lil Bat

Last month at the Austin Nature & Science Center we learned all about Bats! They explained the difference between micro-bats and mega-bats. We learned where bats fit on the food chain and what they need in order to survive. We observed a bat skeleton, a live bat up close and discussed their behaviors along with the anatomy of the bat. It was a very interesting class! 

Micro Bat(small eyes, large ears)

She made this bat costume! Ah-Mazing! 

waiting patiently to see the live bat. 

Now the best part about was my son thought we were going to learn about Batman. I was relieved that he was not disappointed to know it was truly "just about bats." However, at the end he did ask about Batman. The teachers looked at me with a smirk and chuckle. I just shrugged my shoulders. After all it is so close to Halloween and he does have an imagination! 

*below I took pics with my iphone and then used Rhonna Desgins to add the captioning along with editing.