Monday, January 30, 2012


To Post about Christmas....;0)

Life has just been super busy! We did have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family. It was very magical to me to be with my mom and in laws for the Christmas Holidays again. It has been many years since we all spent the Holiday together. I did all the cooking, cleaning, planning and wrapping. I REALLY enjoyed the weekend and the days around it. Hubby even got paid for being off and was off for 4 days! WOW! Never had that before! Below are some pictures of the blessed event!

Getting ready to go look at Christmas lights! A Christmas Eve tradition!

and YES we go in our P.J.'S!

Ready to go!(please keep in mind I had NO make up on)

Our son took this photo!

I love this one! I think it is because you can see the JOY on our faces. Just pure enjoyment of being together and making wonderful memories.

Oh yes! The bike & guitar from Santa!

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree


Tool Time in puzzle form!

I love that he is reading his book and there are still tons of gifts behind him.