Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guess what?

I have been practicing my photography skills...ha ha ha..I know what skills you ask? I mean I have been trying my hand at  manual!! EEEKKKKK!!! Here are some I have taken and one of them I sent off to Canvas on demand...;0)

I know not exciting but I had to start somewhere! I know not very exciting but I had to start somewhere!


a little bit more exciting, don't ya think?


love his hands and feet


my fav....


Well, not bad for my first try! I have to be honest if you saw the others you would laugh. Here is just a few of the really bad ones.

no need to adjust your screen or put your glasses on.

yep, it is that bad!







The outside is my friend! Natural lighting!!!! Plus, Austin has great back drops!!!!


So, how are your techniques?


Friday, February 18, 2011

We are MOVING!!!!

to Austin! We have no idea exactly when but the process has started! Today is hubby's first day as an permanent employee! We are praying that our house will be ready in a little over a month. We were wishing for sooner BUT we have a lot to do..paint, paint, more paint, and other little things to do. I am back in forth between cities so it is gonna be a challenge to get it all done.


We are so grateful to you all praying for us and reaching out to us during our time of need. We could not have done it without YOU all!!!! God bless.....


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy V Month

or Love, Romance, Chocolate eatin' goodies or just all over goodness! I love the month of Febuary! Not because it is the time for husbands to sweat over what to do for Valentine's Day but I love to see what they come up with next! I like to go to the bakery isle at the store and see all the wonderful edibles or check out the latest in HEART WEAR at the department store. Mostly, I like to look at all the lovey dovey poetic cards that hit the V-isle. Hubby and I a long time ago agreed that Valentine's is not just about the ladies so we swap every year of who is planning the fun date. The problem is we are little behind in that department ever since we had little man. I honestly don't remember whose turn is it and neither can he. Ha ha!!!! So we are planning it together this year. I already have one part of my gift to give him so I am doing pretty good considering it is only 2 weeks away. One of our most favorite part of the date night is the exchange of cards. It is fun to find one that fits that year or the relationship or just in general the personality of each other. Our first year together as an engaged couple I bought him one of those cute cards with children on it pretending to be dressed up as if they were couples. Below is a picture of the card.



What are your plans or traditions for this lovely day of romance? Any creative ideas that you are seeing to fruition? I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy Planning....


much love...


Mrs C