Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Catch up!

My intentions were to be better at blogging. Well, you can see that has not happened! Where have I been? It has been so busy the last few months. We had a shift in our curriculum in November. I was not pleased with the phonics program we had started in September. We took a long break and I started to search for a better program that would fit our needs. Once I found what I was looking for we began our new phonics program in January. Basically, homeschooling has been in full force with phonics. Which makes me happy! All of us! Plus, all of little man's activities(swimming & gymnastics) have kept us busy this year. 

Along with those changes we took time to visit family, friends and have some good one on one time. It was much needed! We enjoyed the Holidays! Which ones you ask? All of them! ha! Christmas we spent at my husband's family this time. Our little guy thought that was so cool to spend it at Paw's and Memaw's! It makes my heart so happy that my own child enjoys his grandparents. I did when I was young. Spring break we were sick. First time for me in a very very long time. That was tough! However, the benefits of homeschooling is Spring Break is when you want it to happen. While the crowds were piling up here in Austin we were home in bed. I don't like crowds. In a way I was happy to take our sick days during that week! 

This school year I have committed to two passions. First, I became a "team leader" for children's ministry for the kinder zone. I help during third hour worship service. I am responsible for welcoming new families, checking to make sure our teachers have what they need, stepping in where it is needed, gathering snacks, making sure children attend worship and many many other duties. Secondly, I stepped up to help with our local MOPS(mother's of preschoolers-kinder) group. They asked me to become a DGL(discussion group leader) for a table. It has been great year and we have 3 more meetings for this year's topic. 

It has also been a transition time for me. Exercise has become a priority again. Praise God for that! My friend asked me to attend a Camp Gladiator at 5:30 in the morning at 27 degrees with rain! So, I did! I loved it and joined officially in February. It has been good to get up early and take care of myself before I attend to everyone else's needs. Yay, for me I am not last on the list! 

Then I have been having some fun. Yes fun! The friendships I formed last year in MOPS has been a big blessing in my life. I can honestly say I love those ladies. We still get together for a GNO(girls' night out). My favorite so far are the sing a longs at Alamo Draft-house or the tea times with a Jane Austen movie. I highly recommend finding something you love to do and do it with people you enjoy to be around. That is a very important life lesson. 

So, how are you? Hope & pray all is well in your world.