Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Austin Nature & Science Center

Last year, we participated in the Austin Science & Nature Center Home School program for our science lab. They picked different topics to feature for each group every month. My son's group assignments included insects, fossils and faults, reptiles, roller coasters and very small(fish). They enjoyed learning what qualifies as an insect. Once the group determined that they collected samples from the field.  The whole group gathered their nets then off they went to search for specimen. My son's group did an excellent job of finding different insects. Then we had the opportunity to take the insects to the lab and studied them under a lens. That was super cool according to my son. He loved the petri dish and all the different type of bugs that he investigated. They also had the opportunity to make a craft. A butterfly! WE.LOVE.CRAFTS! 

For the reptile unit I don't remember much. I know sad, right? My son did walk away with a reptile tie craft. 

The roller coaster unit they built a roller coaster together. They talked about g- force. Very cool stuff. 

The fish unit was all about catching them in the pond. That day was messy! 

We will be partcipating again this year starting next week. We are so excited to learn all about bats next week! 

Here are a few pics from last year! Enjoy!