Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am a bad bad...

blogger! I know it has been so long! Seriously, I have been super busy with family visiting, traveling to Austin for hubby's training, doctor's visits, planning a shower, planning a first birthday,attending first birthdays, shopping for gifts for little ones turning one, and among many other things! WHEW...I am tired all over again just thinking about it. So ,here goes playing catch up! 


First, where was I last on updating??hum....Jonathan has 6 teeth working on 7! He is crawling like a crazy person and even gets there, wherever faster by scooting one of  his legs under him. He is trying to walk. He will stand for 1/2 a minute and then BOOM! He hits the ground. We have a few more cuts, scrapes, markings etc. from all this discovering. We have had a few play dates with fellows who are older than he is but not much bigger =0)! He thinks it is cool to see little people like him. He notices WOMEN and I do mean women like crazy. He so far prefers blondes with long hair. He can get their attention with a flash of a smile and their a goner. He eats "real" people food. He has been doing that for awhile but has tried many many things. His favorite is plain yogurt! He thinks he can play with the BIG BOYS. We were at a birthday party last week where a few teenagers gathered at the couch and there was Jonathan right in the middle, giggling. I have no idea what was so funny but he had them rolling with laughter. We borrowed our friends bike trailer to see if Jonathan would even like it! He now grunts at the trailer wanting to go for a ride. He knows the word "clap." You don't even have to show him, he will do it just by saying the word. 


We also celebrated our first Valentine's day. We made cookies, opened presents, and went to a concert. 


I am sure there is more growth bragging but I know I have done too much! 


here are a few pics...






play date with a friend and one of her daughters...



my friend's other daughter...










I promise to post more often.....(Hilary, I promise!)


Thank you friends for hanging in there with me! Love y'all!!!