Thursday, August 16, 2012

For Mom's of Girls

I don't have a girl but I can imagine what it must be like ;0). I also live through my best friend who has a beautiful little girl that will be starting Kindergarten this year. *getting the tissue* That is very hard for me to believe when I remember praying over her to enter this world and praying over her sweet momma's first year of motherhood.  

Well, I follow a blog and today it is about mommas and daughters. So go on grab your tissue box, pull up a comfy chair and click on the link below. 

Dear 22 Yr. Old Me 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A What in a Box?

Okay, I must be very behind with the latest information. Has anyone heard of this new phenomenon about crafts-in-a-box being delivered to your door? If you have, why have you not shared?!!! So, I did a search and found many companies doing this craft-in-a-box idea. You can find one for you and the kids to do or one just for you. It is everything you need in one box to create, explore, discover and enrich. When I mean everything, I mean even down to the glue stick needed to use for the craft. Genesis!

Here they are for kids:

Cubby (Uk)

ToucanBox (UK)


BabbaBox by Babbaco

Kiwi Crate

Crafts In A Box


For you:



So, have you tried one? If you have, please share! I am curious. 

Friday, August 10, 2012


Well, we knew it was coming but we thought we had more time. This past Tuesday evening our washing machine and dryer decided to quit! We knew it was trouble when we saw rust and water leak from the washing machine. Then in the middle of a spin cycle we saw steam. Yeah, not good! Then the dryer decided not to dry even on the highest temp with the maximum time. Do the machines talk to each other or something? Seriously? Both at the same time. Nothing throws your day off then having one major appliance die on you then add 2! Eeeeekkkkkkk! Hubs and I quickly did the "now, what were we going to buy to replace them?" We thought we had 6 more months to finalize our decision. Oh well! Hubby ventured out to a few appliance stores to see if the washers and dryers we had on our short list measured up. We are so grateful that all the stores were having a sale! We narrowed it down to the top 2 and made out decision. So many dollars later we were committed and had a delivery date, Thursday! That is what I was doing most of my day, yesterday. Clearing out the laundry room, cleaning it, organizing it and making it beautiful.

warning: excuse the bad pics my camera and back up camera are on the fritz. ugh..;0(

From: eeeewwwww 

Very unorganized! I don't know why but this is the one place I allow some messiness. 

To:  awe........

Do you like the pretty containers? Me too!~ 

You thought I was a front load kinda of girl? You were wrong! 

She even sings to me when she is done! Beautiful music! 

Totally Pinterest! Shoe bag that hangs over the door used for cleaning products and such! 

When the delivery guys came they said "excellent purchase!" I admit it made me feel good. When the supervisor explained why it was a great purchase that just made me smile bigger. He told me of a few brands that he is always having to pick back up from the homes. They have a running bet between them as to how long it will be before they are back picking up the appliances to return to the store.  I know that sounds bad. Just goes to show you the people that delivery do know. The supervisor has been working for the company for over 10 years.  So if you have any questions about brand whether if it is front load or top load ask me! I am not an expert by any means. I(we) researched. I(we) asked friends, looked at consumer reports, read reviews and other sources to make the decision.

Now, laundry will be somewhat of pleasure. I admit not my favorite chore but the new look makes me want to get it done! Is that crazy that a few cute boxes & new machines appeal to my homemaker side? Am I the only one that gets excited about such stuff?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It has been a whirlwind around here. I have been traveling for the past 2 1/2 weeks. I had the privilege of teaching sign language at Art Camp where I use to attend church in Houston. I really enjoyed the week with my group. Each one was so talented and gave their best! Plus my son got to attend as a camper. He now sings "Oh Happy Day" and quotes his memory verse through out the day. Little man and I got to go to lunch every day with friends. It was fun to catch up!

Aren't they sweet? The little boy off to the side he cracked me up all week. He did not want his picture taken!

I love these boys! They stole my heart!

After Art Camp was finished I headed back to Austin to get ready for another trip. Hubby and I have been planning to attend the Texas Home School Coalition South West Conference since March. I unpacked our bags from Art Camp, did laundry and re-packed our bags by Wednesday to head out on a Thursday. Our intention was to stay at the Water Way Marriott but it was full by the time we had registered in March for the conference. We stayed at Spring Hill Suites by Marriott just 3.1 miles up the road. It was so nice. The room was perfect for the three of us and they had a hot full buffet style breakfast every morning. Yum! I meant to take a picture of the hotel but it was a busy 4 days! 

While we  attended the conference little man was able to go to the kids event. They divide the kids up into teams and we were Team 27. He did group activities, bible lessons, art and other activities throughout the day. We did meet up at lunch time with little man. It was easier to bring our lunch then go out and come back. We got see some familiar faces from our church. That was fun seeing our friends! Mostly, hubby and I are so glad we went to the conference. It is so much more than schooling your kids at home. You really get to see the big picture at the conference. If you are thinking or wondering about homeschooling then I want to encourage you to attend next year's event. Here is a link to THSC

One of the main speakers had mentioned this year's conference was overwhelmed by so many newbies or people of interest than from past conferences. They had over 5,000 people registered for the conference come Friday morning. Now that is 5,000 of all types of home schoolers across the board. Newbies, oldies, middle of the road, end of the road and retired! Trust me, just in my fellowship circle that I attended one afternoon 3/4 of us were what they call newbies or people just wanting to know more about the home school lifestyle. So grateful for so many newbies! 

I do want to point out one thing I that really stood out to me at the conference. I never heard, not even once anyone demoralizing families who do choose another route to educate their children. I also never heard anyone say "you must home school for it is thy way!" Never heard it from families who were in the audience or the speakers or the exhibitors. There was never a class or topic about "families against public education or private." There was an all around great respect for everyone across the board. That alone shows respect. I appreciate that the overall attitude or tone was respect. Let's face it, even in the home school world there are over 50 different ways you could educate. Classical, Universal, Unit Curriculum, Online and many other options. It is which way will be right for you(the teacher) and the family. It was very encouraging to be surrounded by people you really don't know but who are believers and want to do what God has led them to do for their family. 

I hope you and your family have had a great couple of weeks. 

Little man's group for the conference

He really did have fun regardless of his expression in this photo

What kid doesn't want to ride up & down the escalator?