Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gone to the Mountains!!!!

I bet y'all are wondering where in the world is that Carriker or character!!! ha ha! Well, hubby and I decided we needed a vacation. He has not used his vacation days in awhile. Plus, the last time we left Texas was 2 years ago. We are now in Durango, Co. Wow, is it beautiful here. God did good. Not like he needs my approval. However, somehow I always feel so much closer to Him in the Mountains! Amazing country around here in Colorado! We walked to the grocery store and carried our own bags back to the hotel suite. Walking, walking and more walking is the general theme around here. I love it!  I wish I could walk to our grocery store back at home. Though by the time I did walk to the store and back, the food would be spoiled. Here the store is right around the corner(up a block). The average daily temperature here is 60 degrees!!! That is fine with me!!! My view is spectacular. We will be here for a week or so. I promise to keep y'all more informed than I have been. Life has just been hectic for us. This time to ourselves has been very refreshing. Have a blessed week friends!!   !dsc_0286_2_2.jpg

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