Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things I Love Thursday!!!

Resolve High Traffic Foam Carpet Cleaner (sorry picture is not so grand)


Now, I am typically a vinegar/baking soda user to get tough stains out! Recently, I don't have time to spray, wait, scrub, dry w/cloth, and vacuum. I do love my vinegar and it works wonders. I am skeptical of products that claim they can get a stain out simply by spraying and walking away! I have used resolve before so I am not new to the product itself. However, it has been a few years since I purchased from their line of products. I decided to give the Resolve High Traffic Foam a try for my carpet. Oh you can do the "old routine" of spraying and scrubbing with resolve BUT I LIKE THE IDEA OF SPRAYING AND WALKING AWAY!!!(or as they call it on the can choice number 2..."self-cleaning"). IT WORKS!!! It really works. This product will thrill the lazy  "time saving" soul ;0)!!! Oh I almost forgot, you do vacuum after it has been on the carpet for 15 minutes!! Still it is easier than "cinderella style."


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  1. Seriously, spray and walk away? Now that I have to try!!

  2. very nice! we're getting the new house professionally cleaned but i'm sure we'll need some of this stuff at Mr. Right's apartment he's moving out of!

  3. That stuff is totally amazing. When we were living in a carpeted apartment we had the occasional dog accident and this stuff erased it like it had never happened!