Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This side of Heaven



Dear Aunt Geraldine and Uncle Gene, 


You may be gone from this world but I know you are watching me from above. Mommy says that I would have loved your sense of humor Uncle Gene and your love for family Aunt Geraldine. She also says that you both loved the Holidays! Mommy loves the Holidays too. You can see from my picture above what a cute pumpkin I am gonna be for Halloween. Mommy talks about y'all all the time and occasionally will start to laugh out loud because of something she recalls from the past. My mommy likes to laugh! She is funny and makes me smile. Mommy also says that it is her job to teach me about Heaven! It sounds like an exciting place! Tomorrow we are suppose to say "goodbye" to you, Uncle Gene. They call it a celebration of life. Mommy says we have a lot to be grateful for because of all that you have taught her in her life. Thanks for teaching my mommy! Oh, Aunt Geraldine mommy says that you both are just alike so in a way I am getting to know you =0). Tell Jesus I said "hi." 


love Jonathan 



  1. Those photos of Jonathan are simply adorable! Your family is in my prayers for peace during this time.

  2. Oh my goodness. What a cutie! I can not believe that time has passed by so quickly and Jonathon is already 6 months old- crazy!

    I'm so sorry to read about your uncle- he sounds amazing.

  3. Oh, he does look so adorable! He's growing up so fast!!!

    My prayers are with your family, too. What a precious letter.

  4. The cutest little pumpkin in town!! I just love that smile!
    Your letter was wonderful! Made me cry!! Your in my prayers! Treasure those memories!