Monday, December 15, 2008

My Thoughts

I have wanted to post something but my thoughts just seem so jumbled lately. I either have a  thought about how fast my son is growing up or wondering when I am going to complete my "to do" list or just little things that are happening in my life. None of these really require a full post so I am going to just list them.


1. I tried a new exercise video  called "jiggle free arms."  Pretty good video but why do I feel it more in my buns? (incase any of you ask a step is required for the video)


2. I can not get enough of the claymation Christmas movies. I have no idea which one is my favorite. Jack Frost is certainly in the top 5. Now, I honestly have a reason to watch them. I am doing research for my son =0)! 


3. I have had my Christmas Cards for 3 weeks so why are they still sitting on my desk? It could possibly be that  I only ordered 60 and trying to decide who doesn't make the cut is harder than I thought! I would love for everyone to have one but that would require 100 cards for me to order. Can we say Cha-Ching! 


4.  Why can't I find a decent Christmas stocking for my son? Seriously, have you seen what is out there? I think I may have to bribe a friend to make one for me =0)! The ones I have seen either have a pink bear on a blue stocking or odd colored buttons on it or just writing that says "baby's first christmas." So, what do I do with that after the first Christmas? 


5. I promised myself that hubby and I would not adventure out on a Friday night ever again and yet we did! It has nothing to do with baby bear. It has to do with the loons out driving on 1960. Sorry, if you are one of those loons. It seems they mutliple at the Holidays!


6. We are done with Comcast! We will be switching all our services to ATT&T! I am more than thrilled. Hubby says now we can say " we are no longer comcastic." If you know anything about their dorky commercials then you know what I am talking about. It has nothing to do with cost. Honestly, we will be paying the same. Just a much better internet service. 


7. I keep getting invited to FaceBook and I refuse! I love y'all but no is my answer for now! Oh, I have peaked. I have to say FaceBook is sneaky! They only let you view a list of names for 2 pages after that you must join! OH I FEEL THE PRESSURE! 


8. Baby Praise by Kenneth Copeland Ministries is hands down the best dvd bought for my son. He loves it! He will jump in the jump-a-roo and clap his hands for 20 minutes. Just enough time for me to_________(fill in the blank). Plus, all those cute babies with beautiful Christmas Songs playing in the background is just precious! 


9. I have seen 3 movies in the past 2 months. Only one did I honestly like. The other two I give a thumbs down. Fireproof was the good one. I have a single friend that did not enjoy this movie and I can see why. If you are married, you will see that there is a need for a movie like this. Especially, when so many people I know are struggling in their marriage. This movie could provide a stepping stone to a better path. Sorry, Wall-E fans this did not make the cut for me. Too much politics throughout the movie. I am wandering if Al Gore was on the board for this movie. If you are confused by my statement give me a call, I will update you on the facts! I must admit cute robots. X-files(sigh)! Very very very disappointing!!! Even hubby said it was not true to form. One word for this movie...gruesome! I understand they closed the alien chapter when they ended x-files but come on did they have to go in that direction. I guess I value my time so much these days that the movie better be worth it. I am finding it to be more of challenge these days to find a quality movie. Any suggestions?


10.  It has been a rough off/on month here at our house. Hubby working some long hours. Baby teething and not sleeping well. He has been waking up between 4-5 a.m. He is not consistent with his naps. Last night we were on our way to the store and sure enough he fell asleep. We get inside, he sees people, and he is entertained or is it the other way around for the next hour.  I seem to be more emotional this Christmas than any other. I believe it is all about my son. I just love Christmas but now it means 10 times more to me than ever before. He is growing up so fast. I turn my head and he is on to the next stage. That is too fast for this momma. I keep telling him it is okay to stay at this stage or that stage a little longer but he won't listen. It is hard to believe he is eating real people food or table food, clapping his hands, says "hi" & "dada", can sign a word or two, and working on tooth number 4! Yeah, he crawls but it is backwards and prefers to make himself stand. For those of you interested in numbers. Almost 3o inches long, 97% for height. He weighs 20 lbs., 50% weight. His head is 18, 75% for head. 


Now for a few know I can not resist!



I love this face. I think bath time is one of my favorite "bonding" times. 


dsc_6101 dsc_61021

LOVES to play with this reindeer that we have for the Hoildays. If you press the right arm it will play "jingle bells." Over and over and over again. 






I must have my turkey bird with me at all times!



We prefer cups with straws! 


This is all the pics for now. I will post more later. Many blessings to you!!!


  1. Funny. You mention christmas claymation and my mind immediately jumped to the california raisins. I don't even remember which one that was. Anyway, I have always loved those. Rylen loves them because of the music. Merry Christmas!

  2. I love mind potpourri...that's why each month I try to do my 10 on the 10th!!

    Okay, here goes...

    #1 I've been wanted to get the Wii fit - wonder if it really is good exercise?

    #2 It's been years since I have had time to sit down to watch those.

    #3 We have dropped the ball on Christmas cards this year - maybe New Years cards???

    #4 Pottery Barn Kids - after much hunting, I am totally ordering the airplane one from them. I am so not bothering the baby's first Christmas (I have a Santa hat for that)

    #6 I love AT&T!!! We have them for just about everything. Cell phone, home phone, Internet and Uverse TV. Cannot stand Comcrap (LOL) They bought out Time Warner and our service deteriorated while our rates skyrocketed.

    #7 Facebook - I have really been enjoying connecting with old high school, college and church friends. It's nice to hear about them and possibly meet up again. I avoided it for quite sometime, but finally gave in...

    #8 Is that the same as Praise Baby - I love the God of Wonders DVD. The music is beautiful!

    #9 Madagascar 2 was good...we avoided Wall-E, didn't hear very good reviews on it. Maybe I'll rent it @ the Redbox.

    #10 Aside from the teething and sleep issues, YAY! He is doing so great!!

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