Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Name, Old Memories

So, many many of you have all asked me why the title"the character?" Well, I taught for a few years at a private school and the youngest age was 18 months old. They had a hard time pronouncing my last name. It always sounded like Mrs. CharACTer. When I started this blog I had no idea what to name it or where to begin. Give me a break I was pregnant at the time. I think! Gee, kids really do suck your brain cells right out of ya. I would like to blame it on prego brain but maybe I was just plain boring. I have decided to rename it The 3 C's. Everyone already knows that my last name begins with C and 3 being myself, hubby, and baby bear. I think The 3 bears would have been better but I really don't want to confuse you more. Plus, hubby really would have been embarrassed by that title. 


Now, I am a little emotional today. This time last year I was in active labor! Yeah, I know his official birthday is tomorrow. I am referring to the actual day of the week this time last year. I remember most of it and I am so grateful that my friend encouraged me to tape part of it. I wish we could have gotten some of the labor on tape but it was so fast and painful that hubby was right by my side. I am still pinching myself that I am a mom! I pray everyday that I make the "God" choice(whichever way he wants me to parent) and that I cherish every moment even the tough stuff. I am so proud of my baby boy. I love him more than words can even begin to express on paper how I feel. My heart is so full that sometimes I wonder if it will burst. So, to my friends who have more than one, I bet y'all's hearts are bursting ten times over. I love each one of you so much and "we" could not have done it without you. Whether you believe it or not each one of you have had a role in this answered prayer. You may think it small but know this, small is still powerful. 


love...the 3 C's



p.s. when I wrote this it was 10 am...having computer issues..sigh



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  1. Tell the little guy happy birthday from us! I can't believe it has been a year already. He is getting so big. Is he wanting to walk? We haven't seen you all in a while. Have a wonderful day enjoying the birth of your son!