Monday, July 20, 2009

2 years ago, Yesterday

2 years ago yesterday, I found out I was pregnant! It was a strange week for me that week anyway. I could not get enough milk. The checkout lady started to recognize me after 3 trips in a row. I could not lift my arms to save my life when I was napping. I slept all day. I would wake up at 6:30 make hubby his breakfast, eat something for me, and then back to bed at 8:30 or so until noon. I would eat lunch and go back to bed until hubby got home from work. Somehow I would scramble dinner together, eat with hubby, and then back to bed at 7 p.m. until the next morning. This went on for weeks past the time I took my test at home. That day July 19th 2007 is one I will never forget!

I had gone to the store to get MILK! I know it was a hard guess =0). I remember thinking to myself maybe I should get a pregnancy test just incase. This was nothing new to me buying the tests that is. I had bought dozens before only to find the results with a big fat negative. Anyway, I had stopped at chik fil a to get lunch before I headed on home. I remember being hot. I took off my clothes to put on at tank top and shorts. I thought okay I will take the test. "It is way to early Lord. I mean come on I haven't even missed a period." I sat there and did my thing. Not even 2 seconds of waiting....."positive" it read. Hummm....somethings wrong. My heart was beating so fast. I called my very best friend from college only to find her in the baby section of Barnes and Nobles purchasing me a book about the development of a fetus with pictures in it! I said "can a test read positive that could be false?"  She replied " why?????"  "I just took test but it is too early to take one so I am thinking it is wrong."  I can hear her start to cry on the phone and her voice began to shrill with excitement. She explained to me how that would be next to impossible. Then she asked me  " how early?"   I told her, " Just 2 weeks or so." The funny part,  I was so excited that I did not realize that my shorts had fallen off of me while I was running through the house crying with JOY!  I remember stopping, looking down, and saying "oh, I hoped that no one just saw me."  I then began to plan how I would tell hubby. I remember cooking a gourmet dinner, wrapping the test in a box, and giving him a card. He thought it was about his promotion celebration dinner. Then when he saw the box he grinned. I will never forget it!

Thank you so much God for our sweet blessing!




  1. oh my goodness I had tears in my eyes reading this. How absolutely wonderful is it to know that you will be blessed with such a gift. What a wonderful memory!

  2. I am so gad that you always stop by to make comments. Sometimes I wonder if anything I say makes sense. Thank you for encouraging me!

  3. I, also, had tear in my eyes reading this story. What a great feeling to see that positive test!! I'm so excited for you and your sweet healthy baby boy.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It meant a lot! Love you!