Friday, January 29, 2010


I have always wanted to make my own cake and decorate it! Right now taking a "cake decorating" class would not be wise on my part financially! Our church is doing several different series of topics concerning each others talents. In February we will be hosting an event His Very Own based on Titus 2. I am very excited about what God is doing and how he is using each one of us for this event. The classes at our church are just an extension of that very idea. God gives you a gift, you need to use it! Though it may seem unconventional to do something like this at church but for me it makes perfect sense. Where else should I be or go to learn of such matters? So when I saw that one night we were learning of cake decorating, I was on board! For me right now I need this since I won't be able to afford to pay somebody to make my own cake. I have been practicing. Anyway, I will show you the cupcake they gave us to practice on and my cake I made at home. Just know that it is my first one so NO comparing mine  to a bakery.

The instructor had us practice  writing a word so that is why I choose LOVE! It was a simple word.

Yes, I made my own icing!!! Yum-O!!!

I even made a box into a heart shape for the cake to sit on while I decorated each layer!

I love doing layers!!!



  1. Very nice! So, who got to eat it? :)

  2. Jonathan's preschool class. I drew a letter "Q" on top for the show-n -tell or eat-n- tell!!! l0l

  3. Awesome job!! Looks extra yummy!

    So does this mean I can add you to the list to bring a cake for the Titus 2 Event? We are looking for about 10 cakes...anyway you want them to be...flavors, etc.

  4. Good job girl! Can't wait to see Jonathan's birthday cake!