Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Children's Museum

A couple of weeks ago a friend treated us to a family day out. I guess we have been so cooped up over the past 3 1/2 months that they truly understood we needed a day to do something different. This is one of the sacrifices we have had to make while hubby is without employment. Though I must say we typically do things on the inexpensive side anyway so giving up "family outings" really wasn't that much of a stretch. Let me just clarify that we still do "family outings."  Only it requires a little more creative thinking on my(our) part to keep it from being so monotonous. We would typically pick one weekend out of the month that required a little money spent for the day. I guess I say all that to remind myself that you honestly don't have to spend money in order to have a "fun family outing."  We are bike, picnic, and playground people anyway so there you go.

Sorry didn't mean to go on and on about finances! Anyway, we picked the Children Museum for many reasons. One, it was different and we have never done it before. Two, I had a coupon. Three, you could bring your own food but had to eat it in certain areas. I could go on and on and on. It was a blast! I had no idea they had a "toddler area." Though it was hard to get little man upstairs to the "toddler area" since we passed by a car to climb  in and an ambulance that made noise! We really enjoyed watching our son play and discover things. I love this the most about being a parent. Just the pure innocent discovering that children do in their learning process. Children's Museum gets an A+ from me!

In ambulance having a great time!

This was his favorite in the toddler area. Open door, shut door, turn on light switch, turn off light switch, and of course ring the door bell!

slide, slide, and more slide!!!

cars on a ramp! so cool!

Outside water play downstairs.

more water fun!

I have more pictures but this is what I will share for now! Just a quick side note. It cost $7.00 each to get in and parking is no more than $7.00 for the day. You can also bring food like I mentioned previously. They have benches outside their cafe area for people who do choose to save money that way. Don't quote me but I believe the benches are off to the side away from he cafe area. They have signs inside the cafe stating clearly "for cafe patrons only."  The Toddler Area upstairs requires anyone to either remove your shoes or wear bootie covers. Plus every hour on the hour they switch toys out to be sanitized. All in all it truly is a safe environment for the kiddos. Any place that has stroller parking on their maps has to be good!

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