Thursday, April 15, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

Yesterday we went to Kings Orchard in Plantersville. It was a very lovely drive. I decided to take our own personal wagon to make things easier on me. Thye do provide the small old fashion red wagons if you don't want to bring your own. You pick either a 5lb box or 10lb box to take with you for pickin'. The nice things is you get to decide how much you want to fill up your box since they weigh your fruit at the end anyway. After deciding which box you make a somewhat long haul out to the field of strawberries! It was so beautiful to see the rows and rows of fruit. I was amazed by how much fruit, vegetable. and other foods that they are growing on their personal property. It is a big property so they have the room and staff for it! It was very inspiring for this very inexperienced "gardner." I don't think gardner is the right word if you have only done it for 3 years and are still learning to keep your vegetation alive! We are back in pots for awhile until things bet better. Sorry to get off track! My son loved picking the strawberries! He did not want to leave. Here are the pictures from our little adventure together! The pictures are not that great since I was trying to keep up with my active 2 yr. old!

He was really upset about leaving and having to wait to eat his favorite fruit! lol

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