Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red, White & Blue!

Yay! WE VOTED! This has so far become a tradition for me and my son. We dress up in all American colors, wear comfortable shoes and go vote! After all he was born during an election year. I want my son to understand how important it is to vote, why we vote and how to pick a candidate. Yes, he is only 4. It is a building block process. One block on top another after time can create something beautiful, knowledge! So the journey has begun. Excuse the bad pictures below. I did not take them and the sun was bright. 

The sun in our eyes! 

Then at school they got to vote for popsicles or ice cream. They talked about how they are to keep it to themselves as to how they voted and it is serious. Yes, they are only 4 but this is one way to relate. I love it! Whichever goodie whens today they get the prize on Thursday. Pretty neat. 

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