Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life Interrupted

I captured him in a moment. So much emotion behind those eyes. 
Just a few of the neighborhood kids. 

Lately my life has been interrupted. It has been messy & unpredictable. it has been beautiful! Let me explain. When I moved here 2 years ago I prayed to God to show me whom to reach in my neighborhood. Would it be my next door neighbor from Ireland? or maybe the sweet elderly couple 3 doors down? or the lady on the other side of me who is divorced with two kids? Nope! At least not yet.  This past summer a family of 4 moved into the neighborhood about 4 houses down from us.  We(hubby & my son & me) met them right away but we left for Colorado that next week so there was no time to really talk. That was in July. Public schools around here start mid to late August. My neighbor was busy getting the kids(boys) ready for school and adjusting to a new town. I would see her sons pass by up and down the street all the time. I would try to engage in conversation but when a kid is on a scooter your time is short. Though, God's timing is always perfect.  About 2 months ago around the second week of September somehow about 4-5 neighborhood kids gathered around my house. They wanted to help me make my homemade laundry soap and bake a cake with me. So they did. 4 hours later still with me busy helping and no parents to be found.  I began to wonder where are the parents? I asked the kids "ummmm, are your parents worried about you?" One kid replied " no m'am we are fine right here!" Eventually, all parentals involved found me with their kids. No questions asked! This is new to me. I am "that" mom who wants to know a lot about you before I leave my child with you or have a play date. Playdates to me are like dating! First coffee or a local park before a Chick-fil-a or McDonald's experience then maybe my house or yours. I am friendly and a trusting person but cautious. Does that make sense? Anyway, one of the moms and I have formed somewhat of a relationship. It is in the beginning phases. We now meet to pray and she has attended church with me one time. It is a process. Not an easy one. I am learning it may be a long hard road. Her marriage is not ideal nor is her life. It is a tough story to swallow and her 2 boys have their own story. They are only 7& 8.  The boys have been surrounded by a hostile environment. Yes, their parents fight and often. I don't know how but I was able to pull my neighbor aside to ask her questions about the situation. We even came up with a game plan. The boys now come to my house if a fight breaks out. Just to be clear a hostile environment does not have to be physical in order to qualify in that category. Most of the time the words that are used and the tone with it can be more harmful. I don't have the answers but I can offer love and support to this family. Well, both hubby and I are surrounding them. I am very proud of my husband. I could brag on him for hours for the way he has stepped up to show love in a godly way towards this family. I am blessed. I am not going to lie. I  have complained or commented  a times about my weight, aging skin, messy house, finances(sometimes), commitments, the daily duties or demands in my life and yes even the lack of space(a play room)in my house. I know we all have our days and plates full. I am very grateful for my life and I am blessed.  I do have an attitude of gratitude. I do! However, when I look at my neighbor and the life she leads or has to walk out, I bet she would take any of my complaints or all of them just to step in my shoes for one day. She has expressed to me I want the life you have. Your house always smells good, it is warm, inviting and peaceful. Yes, words often tell what is on one's heart and where they are in life. I believe God laid them in our path. I pray we will walk out what he has called my family to do. If anyone has advice or ideas please feel free to pass them along. I am open and willing to listen. Maybe someone reading this has had real experience in this department. 

This song came over me this morning..... 

Angry words! O let them never,
From the tongue unbridled slip,
May the heart’s best impulse ever,
Check them ere they soil the lip.


Love one another thus saith the Savior,
Children obey the Father’s blest command,
Love each other, love each other,
’Tis the Father’s blest command.

Love is much too pure and holy,
Friendship is too sacred far,
For a moment’s reckless folly,
Thus to desolate and mar.


Angry words are lightly spoken,
Bitterest thoughts are rashly stirred,
Brightest links of life are broken,
By a single angry word.

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