Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Big Boy and a teary eyed momma

First and foremost we are so grateful that Justin DeCarlo is doing so well. Many of you who don't know them personally but you have put them on your prayer list. Your prayers have been answered. I should have posted yesterday! Sorry, for those of you just now getting the news. Go here for more updates!!!


Now, big big big news....my baby went to bible class on Sunday! I could not have asked for a better first day in Sunday School. His teacherJSUE  did a great job making me feel special. I did stay with him to watch how he did in class. Okay, JSUE is my friend so I knew ahead of time that she was teaching the class but I did take him anyway! Y'all should be so proud of me. Carter(JSUE'S son) and my baby sat next to each other for a brief moment. Carter enjoyed loving on Jonathan  =0). Here are a few pics....


Thanks JSUE I could not have done it without you!!!! 


The other big news is I went to Ladies Bible Class today and took Jonathan to the Nursery Class. I cried for a little bit but my friends Courtney and Jana said I did good! I have to give credit to Sandra B. she really encouraged me to go to Ladies Bible Class. She is one of our ELDER-ETTES(wife of elder)! She knows what she is talking about and you know what, I enjoyed going. I have always loved Ladies Bible Class and I need it more than ever! So, thank you to my friends for encouraging me, loving me, and just reassuring me that is going to be okay! Plus, I think my son loves the ladies in the nursery. Take a look....=0)



Yeah, I think he is gonna be just fine! It is the momma that has to let go a little -0)!


Proverbs 17:17   "A friend loves at all times....'


  1. That is hard to do. I remember leaving Rylen for the first time. It just felt wierd. I thought I still needed something to be tending to while I was in my own class. I felt bare! :) I can't wait to go to women's bible class. I was going to go today, but my little boy was coughing and I'm sure all you mom's out there were glad I didn't bring my little cougher :) He wasn't contagious or anything, but he needed to be home to rest in his own bed.

  2. You did do well! I am proud of you ... and pray that your time "away" was worth the effort and the tears it produced. The pics look as if you little man was happy as a lark with the stimulation of his experience! You are such a part of our "sisters" - we want you there and am glad you decided to "just do it"!

  3. You're so welcome. He's such a happy baby - like Carter man! I sure enjoyed loving on Jonathan and hearing him giggle on Sunday.
    (Hot Rod wants to know if you can "Photoshop" a happy look on my face...)

    I'm hoping to be able to join Ladies Bible Class myself, but I need to get my schedule with the girls and homeschool down first.

    I've always hoped my children wouldn't be the "handsy" ones. Figures, it'd be my boy.

    Love ya, girl!

  4. Oh, I remember leaving my daughter to go to a Bible Study, too. It was hard! But, it looks like your son is doing just fine. :-) Have fun with your study!!