Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Outside Toys For a Tot

Well, I need your help! I have no idea what to get baby bear for Christmas! He loves being outside and I am trying to find something he would enjoy. I thought about a little tyke slide, turtle sandbox, and other varies items. Nothing seems to be the "it" toy for Christmas. We have a porch that is semi closed in for playing. I say semi because of the screen damage that needs to be replaced. Anyway, I just need ideas from experienced moms! Please give me your ideas!!! Thanks!!! 




  1. I'm sending you an email with links - they are a bit long to post here :o)

  2. His age is a hard one. We are getting a step 2 climber for Rylen this Christmas, but he will be 18 months old. For Rylen's birthday we got the water squirt pool and he absolutely loved it! Perfect for his age! It was what we used at his party. The only thing is you can't use it until it gets warmer. Rylen likes to eat dirt and sand (as do most babies) so a sandbox thing was out for us right now. At 6 months (Rylen's 1st Christmas) we got the exersaucer that he loved, but you may already have one. So, those were the big things we did. You could get a swing that hangs? That would be outside. The ones on the playsets I haven't heard great things about, especially how quickly he grows. We have those two stand up music toys (Leap Frog Learn & Groove Table and the Leap Frog Learn Around Playground) that Rylen LOVES, but those aren't outside toys. They still work for sitters and crawlers with toys below and help them to pull up to the toys on top. Anyway, as a newbie mom, that is all I got!

  3. A Bucket swing. You can get them about anywhere (Toys-R-Us is where we got ours) These swings can hang on anything. In fact, you could get some screw hooks and even hang it on the garage. (You just have to open the garage when you hang the swing to play.)

    Also, the toddler slide. I have seen two different sizes of the "red and blue" one. I would suggest getting the larger of the two so it will last longer. My girls loved the slide. (we had the shorter one - which was fine.)

    We took an old sandbox (in great condition) off the hands of one of our neighbors. Glad we did that because we learned that we are so not sandbox people. If the lid is not on just right, several things could happen: Rain, which ruins the sand, weeds grow, cats use it as a litter box, and worst of all...snakes!

    Good luck - love ya!

  4. Hmmm...For Princess TD's first Christmas we got her a wagon. That has proved to be very useful through the years. We still use it when we go to the zoo. They have really cool ones now with writing tables and coolers on the back. Mr. TD wants to upgrade ours to one of the cool ones (not likely to happen though).

    For Little TD, we got a seat to go on the back of my bike. I don't think it was a Christmas gift, but he loves it anyway!

    We had one of those ride on toys that made sounds. I think ours was Pooh, but once we covered the back porch, we kept it outside, and both kids loved that! I think it's more of a 12 month thing, but Little TD used it pretty much from when he could sit up well, supervised of course!

    We did the sand/water table thing...just don't go there! The sand ends up EVERYWHERE and it's just a big mess. But...tons of sand toys for the park sand is fun! He is probably a little young for that now, but Target has really cheap ones in the spring that hold up well. We keep a backpack in the van loaded and ready to go.

    Well, that's all I can think of now off the top of my head. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

    BTW, I still can't remember what I wanted to talk to you about! Mommy brain strikes again! :)