Friday, November 14, 2008

a roof roof here and a roof roof there, here a roof, there a roof....

Sorry for the silly title but that is what is in my head after talking to roofers off and on today! We have had one estimate for our roof so far. Only 4 more to go! Anyway, I am ready for our family to put Ike behind us. We are in need of a new roof, fence, and screens. We are actually in need of more than that but those things the insurance will "cover." It has been a hectic time around here trying to decide what to replace first. I know y'all are saying a roof! Yes, I agree. However, I share fence area with neighbors who need to get their property fixed just as much as we do. We did decide to move on with the roof first and get estimates from several different recommended roofers. That alone to set up appointments has been a 3 week process. Yuck! Obviously the cost of materials has gone up because of the demand. Which means to get a new roof cost a whole lot more. Can you say "cha ching!" We all know this thanks to our economics class. Just to give you an idea here are a few pics....







this is a view from my kitchen window to my neighbor behind me =0)



this is a view into our neighbor next door to us and on down to the next neighbor




this is a view from my neighbors backyard to ours



the front of our house...bushes gone...


Anyway, we have work to do! Please pray for us! Thanks!

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