Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guess what?

I have been practicing my photography skills...ha ha ha..I know what skills you ask? I mean I have been trying my hand at  manual!! EEEKKKKK!!! Here are some I have taken and one of them I sent off to Canvas on demand...;0)

I know not exciting but I had to start somewhere! I know not very exciting but I had to start somewhere!


a little bit more exciting, don't ya think?


love his hands and feet


my fav....


Well, not bad for my first try! I have to be honest if you saw the others you would laugh. Here is just a few of the really bad ones.

no need to adjust your screen or put your glasses on.

yep, it is that bad!







The outside is my friend! Natural lighting!!!! Plus, Austin has great back drops!!!!


So, how are your techniques?


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