Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This was not an easy decision nor did we rush the process it took to get here. Yesterday was our son's first day at preschool. EEEEKKKK!!!

Now, many of you know that I have taught/worked at preschool/elementary for years. This decision was very very hard on me/us. WE enjoy our son and value our time with him tremendously. US (hubby and myself) do not need "me time" so that is NOT one of the reason we sent him to preschool. WE did it for him! As any parent, you weigh a big decision very carefully. Each family has to do what is best for them. Some choose to homeschool. some choose private school, some choose public, some choose  ________(fill in the blank). Whatever each family chooses to do, I know we all show support for each other that is why I am sharing this day with you! So read on my friends to see how he did errrr..I mean us! =0)

Anyway, he did great! He loved it and acted as if he has been doing this since he was born. I cried! I missed him! Well, we missed him. Hubby took the day off so I could have that emotionally support. When we dropped him off yesterday, he ran to his classroom and immediately played on the little indoor slide. He did not even pay attention to us. I gave the teachers his things and just stood there for a few seconds. A little tear formed in my eye as I looked on our ever growing baby boy. We said "bye bye." He looked up at us as we were closing the door and fussed for half a second. I believe he did that because we shut the door and he did not get to. He went back to playing. I could not leave the parking lot right away. I just sat there in bewilderment wondering is this really happening? Hubby started the car and we were off to run errands.

Later, much later or so it seemed. We picked him up only to find him resting peacefully on his new nap mat. We grinned. People/teachers began to tell us of his day. He tried to snatch a little girls cheetos at lunch. Of course I packed too much food but you just never know. Most of it went on the floor so they tell me. He had his first scratches, bumps, and little bruises. When he woke up, he smiled at us and said "hi daddie, hi mommie." It was as if he was saying "thank you for bringing me here to play with new friends."

We have been at peace about this decision for awhile  but to see it come into play made our hearts smile!!!

p.s. we hired someone to take pictures for us and as soon as I get the cd, I will post pics.....=0)


  1. Oh, sounds like he did do well! I'm excited for all of you, and what a great husband to take a day off to be an emotional support :) Can't wait to see your photos!

  2. Awwww, so sweet, he is growing up too fast!! I miss teaching preschool. They are so precious at that age & all adore their teacher.