Monday, February 20, 2012

Hannah Years

Yes that is really her house in the back ground...;0)

I Samuel 20:42
"Go in peace! The two of us have vowed friendship in God's name, saying "God will be the bond between me and you, and between my children and your children forever!"

I knew God had a sense of humor when HE put Mel in my life. From the looks of it you would probably think we have nothing in common. If you just judge from the outside, you would be right.

She is thin & well I am not
Her jean size is a single digit and well mine is not
She is well put together in all aspects of her life and I am a little more spontaneous
Her house is decorated as if it jumped out of a magazine and mine is lived in or some call it comfortable ;0)
She carefully plans events & creatively pulls things together & I wing it!
She knows fashion. the latest jeans, cutest shoes and jewelry. I buy what I like or hang on to it for decades.
Don't even get me started on her well to do hair. Perfect in every way! Me, well I have natural curly hair and it can be a mess. I start out good in the morning and by the end of the day it looks completely different.
She is quiet, reserved and thinks before she speaks. I'm full of joy & laugh a lot and loudly.

If you were to put our lists side by side you would think they have "nothing" in common. If you only judge us by the outside you would be right!

Several years ago God was cultivating both our hearts for a very rough patch in our lives. I had no idea we would endure the same pain BUT GOD knew. We both struggled with infertility. The pain of wanting to be a mom so bad is where the chord between us is very strong! I could tell you every detail but that is not the point for today nor is the pain of living through infertility. We both faced the daunting grip of Satan's attack on our life. The outcome for both of us had different endings but the journey was still long.

Six years ago we stood before a group of women on a retreat at a bonfire throwing our plead for motherhood before them and God. That night we had already endured 5-6 years of our journey. Fast forward to the present, 2012 at another bonfire with a group of women on a retreat. We both stood there this past weekend as mother's of one child each. She has a girl and I a boy(I bet you would've guessed that much). This past weekend we had the opportunity to discuss the journey we took. After a lengthy, much needed conversation we both realized it took 7 years for God to bring our prayers to fruition. We like to call them our "Hannah years." Over the weekend several questions were given to us to ponder and answer in our small groups. One question was "who has been your Ruth or Naomi in your life?" (if you don't know the story then I would encourage you to go the book of Ruth in the bible. it is in the old testament). My sweet friend spoke up and mentioned me. I was so humbled by her sweet words and the tenderness in her voice. I too feel the same about her.

If God had come to me 10 years ago and said "you will be faced with this" and said he had hand picked her to walk by my side. Honestly, I would have laughed. It is not based on looks or style of life or stuff such as that. I just think sometimes we limit or discount which people can add to our life. I am at fault many times for this. I believe we think we have to be "in common" with folks in order to benefit or allow our pain to be revealed for God to work through it. We(me) at times can put "qualifications" on whom is to help us or give us wisdom during a dark time in our life. You never know whom God will put before you and how that person will be used for the Kingdom. Maybe it is an elderly person or a child or a teenager. It could be the woman whom seems to have nothing that ends up giving you everything. It could be the neighbor whose life is a mess yet God uses them and their gifts to reach you. In return God uses you to show them Christ.

Limiting has a 2 way street. We can limit those around us or limit ourselves. This limiting really means "preventing the Holy Spirit" to work on both sides. We call it quenching the Spirit. I too am at fault for this as well.
Limiting myself looks like this...I am not worthy
I am not enough.
I don't know how to.....

That is the problem...I & ME. When I say "God can and will, this removes the "self" out of the way. I am not sure why we must measure ourselves against the tasks before us. Maybe we believe or feel we must be fully equipped before we commit. Then where or how would God be glorified? His power is revealed in the helpless. His strength is shown in the weak. He is glorified in the ones who say "Here I am send me" even though they are not equipped. He will equip you for the job or task. You just have to be willing to to do & go!
Be Jesus
Do as HE instructs
Go where HE sends you

So I ask you...Have you been limiting the Holy Spirit to do good work?
Have you been comparing your "qualifications" to the task as to
whether you will do it?
Where are you being called to serve and whom?

Let God be your measuring stick and He will always line you up correctly. This does not mean we won't make mistakes. It just means He will provide the material to do the job.

Plus you never know what the outcome will be

Mel Bel if you are reading this..I love you and thank you for many years of love, prayer and guidance. I am better for knowing you!

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  1. 2 beautiful women of God and I'm lucky to know you BOTH!!