Monday, February 13, 2012

I Heart...

this sweet boy....

The smirk says it all

I hope you are enjoying this day full of LOVE. More importantly I pray you know the Master's LOVE.

For Valentine's and future ones to come, I would like to talk about something that has been brewing in my head for some time. I want to raise a gentleman. One who respects all people and is loving. Lately, one thought brewing in my head is this whole Hallmark Holiday Valentine Craziness. I want to take it down about 20 notches! Trust ME I love it! I love the flowers, chocolates and gifts! However, my son may not marry someday and I have had to turn my wheels a bit. Do I wish for him to be married? You betcha. If it is out of God's plan? No way! I really want my son to understand that Valentine's Day can be celebrated in a different way by serving people. I am NOT saying you have to be married or with someone to celebrate it. I just want to make sure we at this house are celebrating LOVE period. LOVE comes in all forms and requires us to open our eyes.

Taking our neighbor to lunch who is without family & a job
Baking cookies for a man who is struggling since his wife left him
Making a card for an elderly person who is lonely & visiting them
Inviting a friend over for dinner who does not live in a Christian home
Choosing some of our toys to take to the Children's home and play with them
Picking a few of our clothes to bring to a home whose father & mother have been without a job for years and struggle to clothe their child

Things like that. Yes, I want it to go beyond Valentine's Day. For I want it to be every day about Christ. Whether with our words, hands or feet. May it all be for the sake of the call.

A side tradition I am instilling here at our house is my son gets to pick the fancy menu for Valentine's and gets to help cook it. He sets the dining room table with the nice dishes and napkins. This is actual something we have been trying to do this year. To sit at the formal table 3 times a week with a nice meal. No toys! No phones! Just family time. I pray that you are having a wonderful day.

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