Saturday, February 25, 2012


Okay, maybe it isn't officially Spring but I have the fever. Do you? I am wanting to do things that are Spring-y! Ha!

so....I made this

This is how I did it!

straw wreath and you don't have to remove the plastic!

pick your flower in all different colors

I pulled off the stems to each flower. Then I glued them to the wreath. I did have an order of how the colors should line up but it still did not balance out as well as I wanted it to.

glue gun

thick ribbon any color of your choosing and you don't have to cut!

Once I finished gluing all the flowers on, I just tied the ribbon to the hanger on the door. This is easier than figuring out how much or how long to cut the ribbon.

My Spring Wreath

what it looks like on another door

I priced this type of wreath at stores such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Garden Ridge. The lowest price I saw it for was $35. If you waited for a coupon then maybe just maybe you could get it half of that. However, the ones priced at $35 were much smaller than mine. This project cost me well under $20. Now, I really could have saved money if I was paying attention to the ads that week because one of the competitors had marked their flowers down over 50% off. I only got a 40% off discount. So, could have been closer to the $12 price range. The fun part of making your own is you can do whatever you want! So, I challenge you to get out and do a simple project such as mine. My son also helped me in this project!

"It does not have to be perfect to be homemade!"

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  1. Yes, spring fever? I totally have it. Instead of creating though, I decided to clean and paint. Ahhh, bring on the sun.