Monday, June 25, 2012

Fishing & Soccer

Sorry my blog is having issues and so am I! Where is the coffee? *sigh*

Another reason why we  I have been away from blog world is lil man has started soccer and fishing on the weekends. For 4 months now we have played soccer at Soccer Zone. It is an indoor facility which benefits my red head. Most of the soccer activities in our area are outside. Right now for this summer indoor soccer is the way we will particapate. Once the fall(cool weather) hits then we will switch to an outdoor soccer team. 

First Lesson

I know it is blurry but love his kick!

He ran all over that field with Coach Doug. 

My IPhone pics. 

Hubby and lil man so far have fished in 5 lakes/ponds. They have been to Georgetown(twice), Pflugerville, Budha and Austin Tx. The weekend that the grandparents visited Lake Pflugerville had a kids fishing festival. Perfect timing for the boys to go try a new place to fish. Lil man caught 5 fishes! Whoo Hooo! I am so proud! 

Fishing with Paw for the first time!

Helping Paw 

Loading the car

Love the expression! 

It is small but it counts! 

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