Monday, July 2, 2012

Drew's Party!

June 22, Friday early evening we adventured out to our new friend Drew's birthday party. It was an outside event at a Dinosaur Park. Yes, you heard that right! It is a sand and water play park. The sand has fossil bones laid out on the sand. The water park has a whale sprinkler for the area. I know a whale is not a dinosaur but that is what they call it here. Actually, the real name is Champion Park. The park itself is huge so they have named it by the variety of activities that are available. Pretty cool huh? My son loves Drew! They are in the same bible class on Sunday's for 2 hours. We have enjoyed this friendship with the family as a whole!

So sweet! 

Sand time or maybe plotting ;0)

Drew's sister, Payson. 

She is NOT afraid! Right in the middle with the big boys!

" I prefer my own stick, daddy!" 


Thank you Drew for an amazing time! 

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