Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Mouth Two Ears

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Sometimes being Brave takes place in a very organic setting. Today, I was able to meet up with two very special friends. The only common demoinator was me. After we were finished with science lab today we decided to eat an early dinner. We all have boys so we picked an outdoor area so they could run free and maybe just maybe we could eat our meal. Ha! Anyway, as most met ups take place the conversation starts simple then sometimes can turn into something bigger. I saw that take place today before my eyes. Both of them have been through miscarriages or a loss of a child. I believe if the story is yours then it is yours to share. It is not my place to share your precious story. Today their stories came to light. It is interesting how God puts people in the same place at the right time so they can benefit from one another. I believe today was one of those times for these two moms. They could really "see" one another. Not just hear or share the story but have empathy for the other person. It was so beautiful to watch this unfold and to be able to witness God's handy work. My role was simple, to be quiet in the moment and I did.

Today's Brave for me was really understanding my role in this moment and to follow through with it. I do love a good conversation with my mom friends. It would've been so easy for to chime in and give my opinion. That is all it would've been an opinion. I have zero wisdom or experience in this department. I have not lost a child in death. My words would've had no foundation or worth. However, my actions mattered and took front row to anything else. Listening is an action!

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. ~Winston Churchill


  1. "My actions took front row...", Shellie, I love that line! I would certainly do well to let my words take a backseat more often. Your brave was a comforting presence, and I think that's beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful testimony! God has quite a way of using us in places where we have absolutely no idea He will. If we are in tune with the Spirit, I believe He will speak to us and gently nudge us toward what we should say -- or not say.