Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Trip Day 1 Wichita, Kansas

Day 1 of our trip we stayed in Wichita, Kansas for the night. We got there early enough in the evening to see the city and eat a nice dinner. It was quite the adventure for mom and I to explore the little city. Hubby was back at the hotel getting little man settled or should I say letting him stretch his legs. One thing we have learned about our sweet boy is he loves hotels! I was the exact same way when I was younger. It is neat to see it in my son! We thought it was best to order dinner to go and eat back at the hotel so we could crash after a very long day in the car. For trips such as these a GPS does come in handy but you do need to update your maps before you go. We did not update my moms GPS trying to save money where we could. Well, we apparently needed the new maps for Wichita. They had a lot of construction so things were not accurate. Needless to say we got lost in some parts of the city. We did get to witness police officers take down 3 men. This happened right outside a place called His Diner. It is a place for people who are homeless to come in and eat a meal. Mom and I came to the conclusion that they must have fought over the last meal since they were at the end of the line. We decided that was enough thrill for one night. I must say this little city has some beautiful old buildings and it was fun to take pictures of them.

If I worked downtown I would eat my lunch here everyday. Such a beautiful place to relax and catch your breathe.

Loretta Lynn is coming!

After our little tour of the city we did finally find a place to grab some grub. When we got back to the hotel this is what we found little man doing.

Just give him a phone!!

so sweet when they are sleeping!

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