Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Trip Days 4-5

We enjoyed our surroundings while staying in Estes Park and of course my time with my family. One morning hubby and I went on a nice walk/bike ride. I walked while pushing Jonathan in a stroller and hubby rode his bike. It was pretty steep in some places. It took us a total of 3 hours. We walked/biked the 6 miles around the lake and walked/biked around town. It was so much fun. The interesting part of my walk with my beautiful red head was the "concerned" people stopping me on my trail. People would flag me down to let me know that my son is not only red but a red head at that. They were really "concerned" about how red he looked and thought that I had forgotten the sun screen. I would politely tell them "yes, he has sun screen on but he is hot natured. that is one of the reasons he does wear a hat on days such as these." Then they would take a step back to say " oh, well you know that red heads burn easily." My evil side wanted to say " Yes, m'am the red headed manual they passes out at the hospital seem to indicate that as well." However, my good twin won over with a polite "thank you for your concern."


our view while on our walk/bike ride

I'll  live in one of those.


looks like fun

After our fun day around town by bike and stroller we had dinner with my brother and his family. It was such a great time! I have missed my brother so much but count my blessings that he is still with me here on this earth. Plus, my sister in law is the best. He did good by picking her. We are so grateful that God sent Amy to us.


basketball with Uncle John David

Troy and little man

just a little wrestle time

It was really neat to see my little man with the cousins. He really enjoyed playing with older boys and would want to model what they do. I just wished we lived close by each other so we could enjoy more moments such as these. I am so grateful to savor every moment. It also reminded me of how little man seems to really enjoy the company of other kids around him. There is something to be said for having brothers and sisters around you when growing up. I love that he has so much fun with others.

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