Saturday, July 30, 2011

Izzoz Tacos Trailer Lunch

The other day I enjoyed a fabulous lunch at my first or our first Trailer Lunch spot. Austin has all these neat hot spots for lunch and they are GOOD!!! Somehow I always luck out when it comes to good food finds! This particular day I found a great coffee shop and taco stop. Anyway, if you drive down any major streets like Congress or 1st in Austin you will find these trailers lined up in a row offering all kinds of goodies. I even found a Crepe Trailer!

Some of the Trailer Spots have picnic tables with shade and some have an area for the kids to play. I know some of y'all are shying away from the idea of food out of a trailer. Yes, there are areas you probably don't want to risk trying the food. I agree! If you ask the locals(one that is of sound mind) they will give you an area that is typically really good and safe.

This place was AWESOME! My favorite from his menu is the Slow Rider Taco. These are not your typical tacos. The meat has a smokey flavor to it and he uses a unique cheese. The flavors together make a hearty taco. You could handle just having one of these. Now, his tostadas are very good. His shell part is very crunchy and flaky all at the same time. It appears they are homemade. I will have to do more research on it. You can order your tostadas 2 ways. Just plain which has beans, spinach lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and one more item that has escaped my brain or add any meat for a little extra. My mom and I agree the original way is the best. The owner which is also the chef is from Houston. Ha! How funny is that? He has four year old twins, boy and girl. He also has a house in Cypress that he is trying to lease out. We had a lot to talk about!! He is a very nice guy. I can't wait to take hubby!

The owner even had hula hoops, a rocking horse and a little merry go round. I would give this 5 stars for taste, location, price, and atmosphere. I must admit across from him on the other side of the lot is not the most attractive but just turn your back to it. It is not his fault since he does not own that side of it. Apparently he just expanded to a bigger size trailer because of the popularity of his tacos. One guy comes so much during the week to get tacos that the customers standing in line know him by name. He is a very friendly fan. A good sign is the owner always has a flex of folks coming in and out. If you come see me in Austin I will take you!

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