Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pure Joy

James 1:2
"Consider it pure JOY, my brothers whenever you face trails of many kinds."

It is easy to praise God when life is lined up right.

Your....... health is good.
family is happy and healthy.
bank account is in the plus after paying the bills.
marriage is strong spiritually and passion has never been better.
church is on a spiritual rise and people are excited about it.
job is the best it has ever been and you love it.
home is perfect in the sense that everything is working.
friendships are blooming.
kids listen to you.
relationship with your parents is Great.
coworkers are doing their job and doing it well.
cars are running right.
at your ideal weight and feel physically strong.
community is safe and happy.
parents are healthy and alive.
kids' teacher loves your child and they love school.
volunteer's are plenty.
kids get to experience what it means to have a Grandparent.
children believe in the Lord.
grandkids love you and live close by.
adult children call often and can't wait for the next visit.
parents make good decisions.
house sells fast and at the listing price.
I think you can fill in your own "Life" line ups!
So maybe the last one was about me. Ha!

It is NOT so easy my friends to Praise God in the pain.
I really don't remember anywhere in the bible where it
said it would be.You can feel free to correct me
if I am wrong. So, we know this right?
Don't ya just wish your heart could catch up with your head?
Or maybe wished for less emotions involved in
these Life Lessons? I know I do!

How do you get through it you ask? How do you "handle" the pain?
What is the next book to read or movie to watch that sums up the
experience or reaches deep into your soul?
How do YOU process the pain?
read your "go to" scripture?
go for a long car trip?
listen to music?
call a friend?

I wish I had an easy answer. A quick witty saying to make
you laugh. Or the perfect scripture
for you to grab a hold of to hide in your heart.
Friends, everyone processes
differently because everyone is different and each
experience has it owns unique
Let me ask you a really hard question. What if it never ends or
comes to a stop? I know it is a scary thought. Seriously, I do
think the more appropriate question is will we still
Praise HIM even if the storm NEVER lets up?
I am talking about true worship.
The kind that reaches so deep that tears well up not
because your tired of the situation
BUT you are in awed by HIS POWER AND GLORY.
Awed by how he has carried you.
Carried you in ways you couldn't have imagined.

There is a song I love by Nichole Nordeman called Every Season

my favorite line "I give thanks for what has been and what is to come."

Powerful stuff friends. Find the JOY and PRAISE HIM!

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