Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nitro Swim

Last summer(2012) we enrolled little man into swim lessons for a week. It went well and we had good intentions to join their monthly group lessons to continue working on his skills. However, that is all we had good intentions no follow through. Once soccer season was finished we thought we would give it another shot. This time our neighborhood pool was giving free swim lessons for 4 days. We signed up! He did great & the swim instructor was from Nitro Swim School. Our HOA had contracted varies instructors from swim schools around the Austin area so we were pleased when we had the opportunity to experience an instructor from Nitro! We have been wanting to see what the Nitro fever was all about. We now know! Last week we started our first official swim lesson that will be weekly. He did so great that they moved him up 3 stations. Each station has a skill they must learn before moving on to the next. Some stations have more than one skill. Most have 2-3 skills. 

Summer 2012 

Nitro Swim 2013

Nitro 2013 

"Sometimes it is worth it to wait until the child is ready for then they will take off! "

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