Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not Back TO School Blog Hop

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I thought it would be fun to participate in the Not Back To School Blog Hop! I know what you are thinking. "Wait I had no idea you were planning on homeschooling!" Well, yes I am & Hubby too ;0)! It is a long story so we will save it for another post. Anyway, so what curriculum did we pick to start our kindergarten year? Heart of Dakota Little Hearts for His Glory by Carrie Austin. My friend Mrs TD  found this curriculum years ago when she first started homeschooling her two beautiful children. It worked for her and I trust her judgement. She is one of those friends that will research until she finds exactly what fits whatever need at the time. Everyone needs a friend like that! 

Heart of Dakota

Almost complete set minus phonics, writing & math. Carrie Austin
offers suggestion for those sections of the teacher's manual or
you can go with what you want to do. I decided to pick my own. Heart of Dakota
has phonics, writing and a  math program you can purchase on their website. 

Handwriting Without Tears 

Handwriting Without Tears is our choice for learning how to correctly write each letter. Plus it includes wood pieces for your child to create each letter and see how it is formed. This is very important for our son. He is a young 5 yr old so he is still figuring out his fine motor skills and seems to do better with a "hands on approach" for a writing program. HWT allows us to incorporate Letter of The Week. We use Raising Rock Stars ! Amazing program to add to your fun day. We only use a few things from her bundle that you can download once you have purchased. You do have to print and laminate some stuff. We like it! 

For Math we will be using Right to Start Math . We will only be using their Math Card Games Book along with the manipulative's that are needed to learn each concept. You can purchase just the game set and it comes with the book. More details here. It is also cheaper that way plus you learn the concepts required for Kindergarten and above while having fun! 

So what are your plans for curriculum? Share! 


  1. Welcome to the homeschooling world!! Looks like some wonderful choices for your first year.

    Popping in from the blog hop.

    1. I am so excited this year! I have been lesson planning for weeks. Even though HOD is/can be a complete unit you can add to it. That is what I love-the flexibility! I like choosing curriculum!

  2. We used HOD when Moriah & Jahna were young and really enjoyed it. You are going to have so much fun!!

    1. Amy, my friend! That is so great! When did you decide to go on your hodge podge of lesson planning? How long did you use HOD?

  3. We are a HOD family, too, and love it! You're going to have a blast! Thanks for linking up on my blog hop. Have a great, fun year!