Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Little School Room

The NOT Back to School Blog hop continues...The School Room! Go here to see other blogger's school room! 

Once upon a time there lived a room that was filled with breakables, dining chairs and a table. People came and they enjoyed themselves. Dinner was served and conversations were held. Even the children loved to eat from this fancy room. My son loved to set the table and use the "fancy dishes." Sometimes candlelight was the preferred choice of lighting for the night. Yes, yes it was the Dining Room! Well, we said goodbye to the dining room and enter the school/play room area! The heavens opened up, the children gathered as they spread out with their beloved toys in this new space and much fun was born. 

I know I know a bit dramatic! Sometimes I miss my dining room. It is just a season of our life for now. I know their are many more talented people than me when it comes to utilizing space. You do not have to give up your dining room to create your school room or even a play room. It was something I decided to do. Below are pictures where we learn, grow and play everyday. It is not fancy or neat. Maybe that will make those who are frustrated in the messy department feel better. My pictures were taken from my ipone so it is raw. Enjoy! 

 So where are you homeschooling? 

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  1. Wonderful space!! We are blessed with a dedicated school space and a dining room for the first time ever. We rarely use the dining room though. lol Just holidays. It's nice to have it then though.

    Popping in from the blog hop.