Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ARTist in the making

One of my son's most favorite activity is to just PAINT! He does not care if there is a specific art work in place for the day. He just LOVES to paint! So here HE is just being the little artist I know him to be. Enjoy as I have!

Yes, we use daddy's old shirts with a hair tie to make it fit properly!

See that? Two hands!

I just love his feet!

Even cars are used instead of paint brushes!
His idea of course!

My happy guy

As a side note WE DID NOT spend a lot of money on his easel. It is all wood, has two sides and cubby containers underneath for storage. It is one I found at Just Between Friends which is like a garage sale. Anyway, I bought it a long time ago and it was 1/3 of the price. To buy a storage/chalk board/dry erase board/art easel that holds paint and has a paper roll for a third of the price is so WORTH IT!!!! When we moved into this house we decided to put it to use! I am all about getting things at second hand when I can and when I know it is a good buy. The best part of this buy was the previous owner had only used it twice! Whaaaaatttt??? Yep, so I basically got it brand new! Don't ya LOVE finds like that?

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