Friday, July 13, 2012

Gidddy & UnGlued

Do you ever get excited about a new book from one of your favorite authors? I do too! When Proverbs 31 Ministry asked many of Lysa TerKeurst fans to participate in a conference call with her about the book UnGlued, I jumped right in! Now, in my very active imaginative mind I pretended it was her, her staff, a few(10 or less) of her best fans and me. I know not true but I still felt special. For some of you it would be the opportunity to meet Beth Moore. This morning her fans and I got to listen to Lysa talk about her new book for 10-15 minutes. It was awesome! I am so excited! August 7 is the release date. The best part I got to ask a couple of questions to her assistant! WOOHOO!!!!!!! Yep, I am all giddy. Oh, there was a woman named Kristin from Africa on the phone asking a question. Pretty neat how the Lord & technology can bring all of us sisters together from all over the world for something so special. 

To sum it up her book Made to Crave is about what you put in your mouth and UnGlued is about what comes out of it! Ouch! 

here is a video clip about her new book, UnGlued...

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