Monday, June 9, 2008

Maniac Monday

Well, it was a good but crazy weekend!!! First, a big CONGRATUlaTIONS to the most amazing son ever! My sweet baby boy has slept straight through the night the last 3 nights woohoo!!!! Mommy and daddy actually got to go to bed at the exact same time! I have no idea how long it will last but I WILL TAKE WHAT I CAN GET!!! Yesterday, hubby had to work in the morning from home so we did not go to church =(. We had church here at home. Which was really nice the 3 of us praising God. Okay, maybe baby bear couldn't say much but it is never too early to start! Then at 12:00 p.m. we had a transformer go out in our neighborhood. Humm..not sure what God was teaching us. Just kidding! However, we the 3 bears decided to leave and head for Barnes and Nobles where it is always ice cold. It took them 4 hours to fix that thing! Just goes to show you flexibility is key when you have a baby. NO WAY can you keep a baby in that heat for that long. Too hot for baby bear =)! So, needless to say I did not get much done this weekend with hubby working and a transformer that was out! Today, I am trying really hard to get back on track. Since baby bear is well rested and wants to play...I will probably PLAY!!!! Heck, they are only young once. Anyone else feel like Monday is catch up? BY THE time Tuesday or Wednesday rolls around you feel almost back into a "routine"(whatever that means)?! Hope y'all have a blessed day!

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