Wednesday, June 11, 2008


(who could resist this face)

My sweet baby boy decided after a good nights sleep that he wanted to get up at 4:00 a.m. and PLAY! I think the conversation went something like this:

son: Mommy, I wanna play!

me: Yes, I can see that but look it is dark outside. That means it is time to sleep.

son: So what mommy! I am so rested and happy! Let's play!!!!

me: (sigh) I would love to play with you but see mommy's dark circles under her eyes. She needs her rest. Let's sleep!!!

Okay okay okay! Maybe that is not what was really said between us! You know that all that cooing, giggling, and sounds out of their mouth does mean something. So, that is what I think my happy guy was saying to me so early in the morning! folks I tried everything...swing, bouncy seat, rocking, name it, I did it!!! You wanna know what got him to sleep after 2 hours of being up. Of course, he had a feeding and all that. I had to wake my hubby up for some help. He took our sweet baby boy and sang to him in his deep voice. Yep, my hubby can sing and he has a nice deep voice. Very very soothing. Our baby boy was out like a light in seconds. I, honestly think that I wore him out and then daddy came in the last second and looked like a hero! Oh well! I am so grateful my hubby was willing to help me since he is the one that has to get up and work so earlier in the morning. He says it was only a few seconds of his time and then he was fast asleep!

So, How was y'alls night???? =)


  1. He is an absolute doll!!! You are doing such a great job!! I did get your birth announcement and was thrilled! I had it on my fridge and one of my neighbors commented that he was the cutest baby she'd ever seen! I agreed:) Hope you are all well. Love you!

  2. I love those hero daddys! He looks soooo much like you in that first picture. Such a sweet expression!