Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday's Tip



Maybe some of you know this and maybe you don't! Most of us live near a major city where anything we want is available. One of the things I do to save $$$ is shop at a "DAY OLD" bread store. Mine just happens to be MRS. BAIRD'S! I love it! They have hotdog buns, hamburger buns, english muffins, rolls, and just your average sliced bread. I must admit  seeing the store sign for the first time while driving by, I was skeptical. Seriously, is it really a DAY OLD? Come on! Do they really remove fresh bread from the shelf daily at the grocery stores just to move them to a "DAY OLD" outlet store? Yep, they do!! I check into this fact myself. I asked the store manager(whom I have come to know well) about the process of packaged sliced bread that is on their shelves. He confirmed, they do remove bread daily from the shelf just to put fresh loaves of bread back on the shelf. Now, I am laughing at the "fresh" part of that sentence. Fresh to me is right out of the oven. Well, the bread they do put on the shelf is already a day old. HA HA on us! I know y'all know this and no one is a dummy to such matters. However, when I found out how much less the bread at the outlet store was, I decided to invest my $$ and time there. I pay on average a $1.00 a loaf! Nope it is not expired bread. Matter of fact most of you probably have bread on your counter older than the ones at the outlet. You see the outlet replaces the "day old' bread almost daily. They receive a shipment in every morning expect Wednesday. I don't know why only Wednesday. Anyway, that is what I do. I visit the outlet bread store about every 3 weeks and I stock up. I have not had a problem so far with the bread. I freeze most of it and take out what I need when I need it. It has been great! Plus, they have my hubby's favorite kind of bread...oroweat whole wheat. Which at the grocery store can cost up to $3.83 a loaf. Yikes! Don't you just love saving $$$??!!!!!


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  1. Great tip! I love saving money too. I need your address, but I'm here in Indy and don't have access to phone numbers, etc. Can you email me it? :) THANKS!