Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Next Crocodile Hunter

Yep, he could be the next Steve Irwin! Just thought it was cute! My baby bear is getting use to his daily photo session. He even allows me to put props in for entertainment!

Well, hubby and I finally broke down and went shopping for the baby bear. Yep I cleaned out his top draw. We had to buy him new onesies for his nightly sleep wear. He is not a pajama kinda of a baby. He is a "less is more" for him! Thankfully we have not had to buy much thus far. He still has a lot of day to day clothes to grow into but I do see another cleaning out in an month. He is just growing that fast! He had his doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago and he was 24 inches tall. He is in the 95% for height.They just grow up soooo fast! I am grateful to be able to enjoy every moment! Enjoy your day!

much blessings and love.....

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  1. That is so crazy. He is already on Rylen's heels. Rylen is right at 29 in. and in the 10-15% I'm glad you all are doing well.