Friday, October 7, 2011

Bowling Nineveh

Day 8 of a series 31 Days of Serving Others

Again this one may seem selfish but all FUN & FUNDS went to a great cause. Plus, who says you can't have fun while serving?

The serving involved was more about writing a check to bowl for the evening. Nineveh Ministries is an outreach to kids in Juvenile detention. They introduce the gospel, create relationships, initiate bible studies and incorporate the church to create life-long community. They raise funds through people buying a ticket to bowl and they have a silent auction. Hubby and I could have just written a check and never bowled for the night. What fun is it that? The goal of the night was to raise awareness for the ministry and FUNDS to support those involved. It was way more FUN to participate. Plus, we had the opportunity to meet a few of the teens whom have been forever changed by this wonderful ministry. It gave hubby and I a little time together so it served us as well! It made us laugh at ourselves trying to accomplish bowling straight down the middle of the lane. We learned that we both have a little spin in each of our technique(if ya wanna call it that) to bowl. Hubby after just a few bowls was scoring some high points. I might add his finger on his right hand was injured so he really was bowling the ball without inserting his fingers in the hole. You never realize how important those holes in the ball are for bowling until you can't use them. He got a couple of strikes during his game! ME? I bowled okay the first game and it took awhile to get a rhythm going in my game. Once I did I bowled much better the second game. We also learned bowling is kinda of fun for a date night. The food was good, atmosphere was great and the music was from the 80's & 90's. We really enjoyed getting to know other couples and learning about a wonderful ministry called Nineveh.

So have you been bowling lately for a good cause? If so, share here what your experience was like. I thought it was a clever way to get people involved and raise awareness! Especially when on a Sunday at this bowling ally they only charge $5 to bowl all night. Obviously, the Nineveh Ministry charged more than that so they could raise their funds for the ministry. Also, they had a drawing for a new IPAD! Nope we didn't win. Hubby was really bummed. Guys and their toys!

Psalm 25:5 “Guide me in your Truth and Teach me, for you are God my Savior and my hope is in you all day long. ”

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